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Audience Write-Ins

For Phantom:

"I just had to write to say how magical your voice was...The show was good, but you were superb. A voice such as yours should be enjoyed by music lovers everywhere."

– Joe Zaccaria


"We enjoyed the performances immensely and once again, your beautiful voice rang out loud and clear."

– Joel Spiegel


"You were amazing as Christine. Whenever you were on stage all eyes were on you. Your voice was truly worthy of The Angel of Music."

– Dennis Kulchinsky



For My Fair Lady:
"You were awesome. I have seen almost every play there for the last 5 years and we were blown away when you belted out I could have danced all night. We have tickets to see you again Friday night so this is the first time we have ever went back to see a second performance of anything there and it is really just to hear you again. Brava Brava”

– Scott Weir


"You are SENSATIONAL as Eliza. Years from now, actresses wanting to audition for the role will study your performance.” – Dennis Kulchinsky


“My wife and I saw your opening night performance. Fantastic! What a wonderful voice you have been blessed with, and you are also quite the actress! Look forward to seeing you again.”

– Joel Spiegel



For Jekyll & Hyde:
“Your Emma in Jekyll was so angelic and sweet and yet had such womanly strength and realism! Congratulations!” – Teresa Anstatt


“Your performance was Phenomenal!!!”

– Nick Falciani



For America's Hit Parade:
“Watch for Maggie Griffin-Smith, she will blow your bobbie socks off!!!”

– Bob & Ethel on TripAdvisor


"Griffin-Smith sings beautifully and works hard to firmly wrest Percy from the realm of cliché. The gradual mending of her wounded, worried spirit seems authentic, as Gilead’s locals gradually put aside their trepidation and welcome her into the community." Cameron Kelsall, Broad Street Review, The Spitfire Grill

"Maggie Griffin Smith (as their daughter, Emily) adds youthful exuberance and joy, her character embodying an individuating (yet all too common) hope that lends a tragic note to both the story and this production." – Jim Rutter, The Inquirer, Our Town

"Griffin-Smith and Mazzella are a delight as Emily and George" – Deb Miller, DC Metro Theatre Arts, Our Town

"Maggie Griffin-Smith is outstanding as Bonnie. Griffin-Smith demonstrates the strong-willingness and vivaciousness of her character. Her vocals are all strong, and she shines and is full of emotion in her song, Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad. There is an immediate chemistry between Griffin-Smith and Pavia onstage, and these two fine actors shine in their scenes together."– Kelli Curtin,, Bonnie & Clyde


"...the fiery relationship between the infamous lovers, portrayed with convincing on-stage chemistry by Sal Pavia and Maggie Griffin-Smith."

"...sensitive, charming, and spirited performances of the leads (Griffin-Smith’s powerhouse vocals are a highlight of the show)."

- Deb Miller,, Bonnie & Clyde


“Griffin-Smith & Pavia put in passionate, powerhouse performances."

"...excellent casting with stellar voices..."

–, Bonnie & Clyde


"Maggie Griffin-Smith is the love interest, Christine. She is as lovely as her voice. She features a very impressive display of runs, trills and through-the-roof high notes, especially in the songs "Home" and "The Bistro".

– Marie Redman, OnStage Blog, Phantom


“Maggie Griffin-Smith was the young woman, though, who blew me away the most often. By the time Act I was over, I found myself constantly excited whenever I saw her walk on stage, as I loved how powerful her voice was.”

– Wren Workman, Stage Magazine, This Thing Called Love


“...supported perfectly by Maggie Griffin-Smith, a beautiful actress who expertly balances Emma’s quiet demeanor with perfectly timed subtle intensity.”

– Kyrus Keenan Westcott, Jekyll & Hyde

"Maggie Griffin-Smith sparkles as Eden Brent, a wise-cracking chorine."

– Ellen Wilson Dilks,, Bullets Over Broadway

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