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Storybook Musical Theatre

Classes I've taught for Storybook Musical Theatre include:

Making a Scene

Students ages 6-10 draw upon their own unique personalities and styles to create believable characters that really bring a story to their audience. Theatre games and exercises help students find their own voices while bringing a character to life. Students also explore the structure of a story and how to use their own imagination and instincts to move a character through scenes and relate to the others on stage. Each student works with a partner to present a scene in the Student Showcase.

In Your Own Words

This improvisation class for ages 7-11 promotes a natural, spontaneous and free environment for students to express their enthusiasm about acting. Students draw upon their imaginations to bring stories of their own making to life. We also explore the dynamics of storytelling (plot, characters, obstacle) through improvisation games. At their Student Showcase, they perform a short story that they wrote as an ensemble.

Storybook's Theatre Classes: Storybook

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